What we do

Where possible EAFA will engage with and direct new players, of any age, to a local club where they can access football at the level best suited to them.

We support, co-ordinate and help set up new Amputee Football clubs or "turn up & play" sessions across the country and ensure that these teams provide recreational football and have access to competitive football as part of our development strategy.

We are currently seekeing a new partner to deliver a series of residentail Junior camps for 2022, please contact us if you can help.

We also support the England Amputee Elite National Squads, ensuring that the team can have access to training and receive funding support to participate in  European & World events.

We can only do this with your kind support. So if you would like to help us provide this service and support our athletes at all levels please visit our online donation facility at  www.everyclick.com/amputeefootball and follow the simple donation instructions. While you are there read about all the hard work others have been doing to support the charity, or set up your own sponsored event on our behalf. Thanks for your support.

EAFA Mission Statement.

"To promote and develop the sport of Amputee Football and the development of persons interested in the sport primarily across England, but not excluding Wales.

EAFA will provide any person with an amputation, congenital deficiency, or other limb affecting disorder the opportunity to access Amputee Football at grassroots, club and national level.

To maintain the charitable status of the organisation and provide funds to allow the above operations to function where required."